Pokemon go update apk

Pokemon go is an Augmented location based and awesome online game that has created a craze across the globe. It is amazingly adventurous and gives a realistic experience to the players. It is developed and published by Niantic in collaboration with Nintendo under the guidance of John Harke by the way of Pokemon company.

The game was released in 2016 in the month of July for few countries as a part of the Pokemon franchise. Gradually, the game Pokemon go earned unbeatable popularity in the Android world too. It was directed by Tatsuo Nomura, composed by Junichi Masuda and artistically created by Dennis Hwang. The game also won numerous reputed awards such as the best game awards of 2016, Golden Joystick awards 2016,BBC Radio 1’s teen awards, 2016 TechRapter awards and so on.

Pokemon go apk is the Android version of this game and is now easily available for installation. As we all know that, downloading an app is not a big issue nowadays. All it needs is a running Internet data connection and Google playstore. Download it from the playstore to get access to the wonderful game and explore adventures.

How to play?

To start playing the game, the players have to download and login first. After that, you would come across the colourful Google map as a part of the game designed under the gaming platform. As you move on around your familiar places, your smartphone will vibrate as soon as a Pokemon is found nearby. Once the Pokemon is encountered, take an aim on your smartphone’s touchscreen and shoot the Pokemon using the pokeball carefully, so that the Pokemon may not run away. These pokeballs are collected from the pokestops which are located at public art installations, historical monuments and other such interesting places.

Apart from this, one can include another Trainer using a Battle code. After the battle is over, both the participants will receive wonderful rewards which includes a chance of rare Evolution times.

Salient Features :

  • The app is free to play and provides game- in purchases.
  • It is accessed and optimized on smartphones, but not supported on tablets. Therefore, no guarantee on the compatibility with tablets is given. It does not matter whether a compatible OS version is installed
  • It is generally compatible with Android devices having 4GB RAM or more than that with Android version of 4.4-6.0 installed.
  • Android devices that support Intel Atom processers are not the right match for this app.
  • No guarantees of compatibility with devices that lacks GPS.
  • No guarantee of compatibility with devices running on the WiFi connections only.
  • Stay connected to a network while playing. This helps in obtaining accurate location information.
  • Compatibility factors can change anytime. Remain connected with the official site for additional information.

In spite of being a productive game as it enhances physical activities and helps in incrementing local businesses by increasing foot traffic, it got encircled with controversies too. Due to this, various countries’ governments controlled its use by depicting the game as a cause of accidents and public nuisances. However, by February 2019, there were 1 billion downloads worldwide and has got 147 million active monthly users till May 2018. And on December 2018, the game earned $ 3 billion revenue all around the world.

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